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The Fiabilandia Park

The Fiabilandia Park is the oldest theme park in Italy, a park that is absolutely child’s size!

The Fiabilandia theme park is situated in the welcoming area of Rivazzurra di Rimini and it’s easily accessible from the Devira Hotels group hotels.
The Devira Hotels group also has “family plan” packages and promotional offers that include stay + entrance to the park Fiabilandia thanks to the deals that Devira Hotels makes every year with Fiabilandia.

Inside the Fiabilandia Park there is a lake, which is used for water attractions such as the Bay of Peter Pan. There are even more attractions in the park, all suitable for children and adults.

  • Captain Nemo Adventure;
  • The castle of Merlin the Wizard;
  • The Lake of Dream;
  • The Gold Mine;
  • Fiabilandia Express;
  • Peter Pan Bay;
  • Fiaby Boat;
  • The labyrinth of FU-MING;
  • The Giant Slide;
  • I Fuoripista;
  • Apache Village;
  • The Hill of Babau;
  • The village Navaho;
  • Fort Laramie;
  • The Sea of Frogs;
  • Far West;
  • Fun Ropes;

Fiabilandia is not only a theme park but also a natural park, where pelicans, swans, geese, sea lions, bats, tawny owls and robins are integrated into their natural habitat.

Another prerogative of the park Fiabilandia is the attention paid to educational issues, thanks to paths that the staff of the park has prepared for the visit of school groups, we mention some of these paths:

  • Exotarium;
  • The Farmer’s House;
  • Farm Animals;
  • The Route of the Odorose Plants;
  • The Garden of Forgotten Fruits.

Parco Fiabilandia
Via Gerolamo Cardano, 15
47924 (postcode), Rivazzurra di Rimini (RN)
Phone: (+39) 0541 372064