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Rimini and the Adriatic riviera

Since the ’80s, Rimini is known for its nightlife just like the most famous international cities.

Few people are aware, however, of its inestimable historical and cultural value. A legacy handed down by the renowned Malatesta dynasty. A dynasty that has contributed to the historicity of the events as well as the most famous Medici, Este or Gonzaga dynasties.

A family with proletarian origins, it was invested with the noble title by Frederick II of Swabia, who visited Rimini twice in the first two decades of 1200. They were basically warlords, remembered by Dante in his masterpiece. But from the 14th century onwards the interest of the Lords in art and culture was remarkable, so much so that they established friendly relations with Francesco Petrarca.

The testimony of their work is daily traceable through the streets of Rimini and the hills of Romagna. Here the ancient villages are animated and full of life, which awakens smells and tastes of the past.

Rimini and surroundings

A few kilometres from Rimini, there is the charming village of Santarcangelo di Romagna, with its evocative tuff caves, the Malatesta fortress, the Museum of the Button and the Museum of Customs and Traditions.
Not to be missed is a visit to Verucchio to see the charming Piazza Malatesta, the civic tower and the collegiate church, with its Baroque and Renaissance elements. The fortress, the cathedral, the bell tower.
The province of Rimini can be proud to have one of the most beautiful villages in Italy: San Leo, which is a small town built on a huge rock mass, guardian of ancient architectural beauties such as the Medici palace and a parish church.
It will certainly be a pleasure to be able to taste food and wine products during the many trade fairs that take place every year. Talamello is the scene of the chestnut fair in the upper Marecchia valley in October and in November it hosts the cheese fair of a particular cheese (Formaggio di Fossa).

Every Sunday in October in Sant’Agata Feltria is held the national fair of truffles and agricultural products. Since November it hosts the fair “the country of Christmas”, an event that gives this small country the appearance of a glimpse extracted from a real crib. The smells and scenery convey the magical atmosphere of Christmas, comparable only to the one reproduced in children’s films.

Finally, one can let oneself be enveloped by magic in San Giovanni in Marignano during the Night of the Witches, a recurring holiday at summer solstice. It is said that all the witches gathered in a meeting with all the gloomy creatures of the undergrowth.

If you don’t want to go too far, you can have a walk in the city centre of Rimini, have an aperitif or enjoy a good dinner, surrounded by the Malatesta Temple, Castel Sismondo, the Museo della Città and the Museo degli Sguardi (the only one a little bit far from the city centre).

Now all you have to do is discover the second face of this city renowned for its entertainment, but cradle of culture and traditions.